• 20+ years of experience with personal coaching, management training and organizational change;
  • We know from our own experience what it is like to live and work abroad;
  • Hundreds of expats received training and coaching from us. It helped them to be happy and successful abroad.   


Great program for new international assignments, well worth the investment.” 


“I now understand what a culture shock is and how to deal with it.

That it’s normal what I feel right now.”


“The training gave me awareness that my wife is going through another experience than me. She gave up her job back in the US before we left. I still work for the same company. That makes a big difference.”


“I learned about code switching. That was very useful. I have learned how I communicate.”


“It gave me confidence that my husband and I made the right choice to move to China. We are ready! Here we come!”


“It is highly recommended. Not just for relocating people, but everyone working with multinational peers. All my colleagues should be made to take this course.”





Crossing Cultures:

Training, coaching & consultancy
for expats and the organizations around them


Do you want to be a happy and successful expat?


Living and working in another country can be joyful and exciting. At times, it can also be stressful and frustrating.

It’s an adventure with ups and downs. When you leave your home country, you leave your comfort zone. Being outside of that comfort zone brings a fantastic opportunity to further develop yourself: to increase your ability to deal with new and complex situations, to learn about yourself and develop skills you never had to use before, to improve yourself as a professional, to grow as a human being. But it does not come by itself. It takes time and effort to invest in yourself.  


We are here to help you with that development, to increase your knowledge and skills, to increase your cultural intelligence, so you can be happy and successful in other cultures.

Our help even proved to be valuable for highly experienced managers who thought they didn't need it.


30-minute getting beyond the tourist level coaching session


Crossing Cultures 

E-mail: info@crossingcultures.nu

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You can benefit from the following four programmes:

  1. Moving abroad: "Being happy and succesfull abroad: a matter of preparation."
  2. International leadership: "Working with other cultures, piece of cake?"
  3. Spouse programme: "I became an expat spouse, now what?"
  4. Repatriation programme: "Moving back home: not as easy as I thought it would be." 

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